Talks and presentations

Demystifying Language about Students’ Varied Identities

March 02, 2019

Panel, SIGCSE 2019, Minneapolis, MN

The goal of this special session is to help attendees who are committed to diversity and inclusion learn to talk about different dimensions of identity (e.g., race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, etc.). Includes lightning talks and participant discussion, led by:

  • Moderator: Cheryl A. Swanier, Claflin University. (Moderator)
  • Jason T. Black, Florida A&M University. Topic: “Discussing Privilege, Racism, and Implicit Bias—from the Eyes of Black Men”
  • Kamau Bobb, Georgia Tech. Topic: “Race Labels”
  • April Browne, Butte College. Topic: “Family Friendly”
  • Phillip T. Conrad, UC Santa Barbara. Topic: “Gender and Sexuality”
  • Colleen Lewis, Harvey Mudd College. Topic: “Ability and Ableism”
  • Sheila Tejada, University of Southern California. Topic: “Model Minority”

Why and How to Spend a Sabbatical in Industry

March 01, 2019

Panel, SIGCSE 2019, Minneapolis, MN

Panel presentation on the benefits of faculty taking on a short-term full-time role in industry during a sabaticcal or summer. I discuss my experience as an AppFolio Faculty Fellow in Summer 2014. Other presenters include: