Practice with bit operations

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This quiz provides practice with bit operations (see "background" below the quiz for more info).

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This web page gives you an opportunity to practice with applying these operators to positive integers. In some cases, you'll need to convert the integers to binary first before applying the operation.

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This quiz provide practice with the following bit operations:

&Bitwise and
|Bitwise or
^Bitwise exclusive or
<<Bit shift left (multiply by power of two)/dd>
>>Bit shift right (divide by power of two)

It also provides practice with two logical operators, which in C always return either 0 or 1—these are included to help you remember the difference between the bitwise operations and the logical operations.

&&Logical and
||Logical or

Chapter 11 in "Practical C Programming" by Steve Oualline (available online to UCSB students at the links below through the campus "O'Reilly" subscription) describes these operators.