CS16: Problem Solving With Computers I
Information about Final Exam

Winter 2010—Dept. of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara

The actual final exam:      html      pdf

The material below was provided prior to the exam to help students prepare.


Preparing for the exam

The exam is comprehensive, but will emphasize the following material that wasn't on the previous exams:

There may also be problems about topics that will be repeat topics from previous exams:


Practice Exams from previous quarters

Important Note: this practice exams comes from Fall quarter, which covered slightly different material—for example, dynamic memory allocation was not covered, but selection sort was and file permissions were.

So, in reviewing these exams, please ignore questions dealing with selection sort, or file permissions.

Link to actual Final exam from Fall 2009: html     pdf       sample solutions
Link to final exam practice problems from Fall 2009:     html       pdf


You may also want to look at problem 2 on midterm 2 from Fall 2009, for a problem similar to the one on el01, where you work with arrays of structs: html     pdf      solutions

Fast facts

Except for the one permitted notes, sheet, the exam is:

What is covered:

Textbook coverage: